100% Made in Italy




The 100% Made in Italy Certification provides consumers with the guarantee on the Italian orgin and the quality of purchased products.

The certification adheres to all parameters provided for by current Italian legislation: Adoption of the certification guidelines, definition of procedures, management through modules and printouts.

The certification is issued by the Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani. The management of the certification process with the producers is handled by Promindustria SPA.

The certification project has been approved and co-funded by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.



Manufacturers issued with the 100% Made in Italy Certification undergo a series of checks in order to verify that the entire production cycle takes place in Italy.
The Certification follows the directives set in current Italian laws.



→ Manufacturers can guarantee the value of the product which has entirely been made in Italy.
→ Distributors can effectively justify the different cost of true Italian Products compared to those made entirely or partially abroad.


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100% Made in Italy Certification

Regulars checks are carried out directly by the Istituto or by appointed external bodies of professionals.

100% Made in Italy Certification Key points:

1) Guarantee
Guaranteed confirmation of the product's value and its Italian origin and high-quality.
2) Labelling
This feature is not present in the simple "made-in-Italy" custom definition.
3) Traceability
Sequential numbering for products.
4) Anti-fake
Complete protection of the company's trademark.
5) Scouting
Market research and selection of foreign markets potential buyers.
6) Accreditation
Producers are accredited with the main international distributors.
7) Incentives
Incentives for certified producers in regional, national and european tender competitions.



The 100% Made in Italy Certification is the only one to guarantee the authenticity of the product. Certified products enjoy the following advantages:
- The confirmation of the product's value and its Italian origin and high-quality.
- Makes the products appealing and provides a guarantee to consumers.
- Highlights real Made in Italy products in relation to partially made-in-italy or completely foreign productions.

The certification of a production entirely Made in Italy through the 100% Made in Italy trademark allows to be recognised in the world for the superior guaranteed quality of products with attention to details.

This trademark synthesizes the recognised features of Italian creativity, style and productions.


The 100% Made in Italy Certification

The 100% Made in Italy Certification is issued only after thorough checks and verification by the Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani.
n order to qualify for the 100% Made-in-Italy Certification System IT01, products must compy to the following:

  1. Designed and Manufactured entirely in Italy
    1. Based on company's own project and design.
    2. Fully manufacturered in Italy
    3. Made using only Italian parts and components
    4. Complete work traceability in Italy
  2. Made with Quality Natural Materials
    1. Natural materials or Natural compounds
    2. Quality, first choice materials
    3. Full traceability of Raw materials's origin
  3. Made following traditional Working methods
    1. Use of the company's specific Workmanship
    2. Use of traditional Workmanships techniques
  4. Made in observance of Employees, Health and Safety Standards
    1. In accordance with labour laws
    2. Manufactured according to the Hygiene, Healthcare and Safety

At the end of the successful verification of the above criteria, the company will be registered in the National Registry of Italian Producers.

Certificazione 100% Made in Italy